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2011-02-04 12:23:57 by Darkvampire21

needs an update ..ive stopped earning medals really needs an update :3.. anyone can help me??!

this is my star

2011-01-21 10:08:13 by Darkvampire21

shhes so cute.. i draw this for her :3 plz leave some comments if u think this drawing is cute ... wanna review it..? just click here if u wanna see the real thing :3

this is my star

new pic

2011-01-17 10:59:07 by Darkvampire21

this is a pic of my drawing of ducare 's doggy rex!!!! hes cute and heres the drawning hope u like it and rate it at my art

new pic


2011-01-08 23:42:04 by Darkvampire21

yes...yes yes... even though my tablet crashed.. my sis gota new tablet :D... ive been using it like allott!!click here to see them.. also got new banner ^_^ peacee!!!

back too the ng..

2010-12-29 04:00:09 by Darkvampire21

ahh.. finally im back! i was gone cuz i gotta take care uff my sis in the hospital now im back!

* the picture below has nothing to do with this post :|

back too the ng..

nothing to dooo.....

2010-12-21 21:19:05 by Darkvampire21

om nom nom nom nom nom... :3 nothing to do..

omg !!!

2010-12-21 05:05:24 by Darkvampire21

casey the killer....she's trying to killl ducare .. omg...

omg omg... im so worried

2010-12-16 11:46:01 by Darkvampire21

my friend ducare..... her cousin said shes..dead ...or i dunt know.. she was fine .. but then she said she cant breathe..??? ..... then her cousin told her.. that she was... dead..... i dont know if i cant believe that .. i mean ...i cant beleive she... i donk know wargh!!!!!!!!!


2010-12-15 12:33:47 by Darkvampire21

i think i just died today... im feeling like suiciding... so some one tell me should i suicide or...

yay..... finnaly

2010-12-08 00:43:22 by Darkvampire21

i left newgrounds for a while now.. its been a couple of weeks but im back .. thanks to eric my com explode so i had to buy a new one thank god ... so im back :P